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Weller WX2

  WX 2

Power unit

  Power unit WX 2 with 2 channels, 200W, 230V



  WSM 1C

Rechargeable soldering station

 WSM 1C - Rechargeable soldering station with micro soldering iron WMRP and soldering tip RT 3, chisel 1,3 mm and safety rest with dry cleaner - Solution for ...


  WD 1000

Soldering stations set

 Mirco Soldering Station Digital 160 W, 230 V, with Soldering Pencil WMRP, 40 W and Safety Rest WDH 50 with Stop+Go Function The Weller WD M Multifunction ...


  WR 3000M

DeSoldering stations set

 Desoldering station with multi-digital 420 W, 230 V with soldering iron DSX 80 and internal pump


  WHA 3000P

BGA/ QFP Rework

 Comes complete with 700 watt hot air unit with built-in turbine, HAP3 hot air pencil, 2-stage footswitch, NQ30 hot air nozzle AKT30 stop and go stand, nozzle change too, WHA control software.


  WQB 4000

BGA/ SMT Rework

 BGA/SMT Rework system 2300 W / 230 V, for component placement with camera guided positioning system
 At the heart of the placing system is the modern USB...

  WD 1000HPT

Soldering Stations Kit

 Soldering station, digital, 160 W, 230 V, with High-Power soldering pencil WP 120 (120 W) The Weller microprocessor controlled WD 1M soldering station ...




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